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9 Alternative Communities To Quora For Marketers

If you are not using Quora you are missing out on a lot of targeted lead generation. But if you find the questions are saturated or you want to scale the process there are other communities which can provide similar or even more value, traffic and website visitors for you to identify.

1. Reddit

Reddit is one of the best platforms where you can find a lot of relevant communities and groups for discussions. Marketers find this site very effective because the users are quite well-educated and provide very useful tricks, tips and hacks to the newbies. It is a wonderful platform for the marketers. 

2. Medium

When it comes to the best alternatives to Quora, Medium remains the top choice of the users. For marketers, this platform has a lot of amazing features. It has an elegant design, very powerful but simple editor along with excellent readability. Medium is one of the most trusted sites for marketers these days. 

3. Yahoo

Yahoo Answers is another platform that marketers love because it serves as a great alternative to Quora. On Yahoo platform, you can join the discussions and answer to the questions. It provides great insights into the debates. Marketers can target the potential users and customers through threads and by participating in the discussions. 

4. StackExchange

Here comes another amazing platform for the marketers who want a reliable site with good question-answer style. Originally, it was introduced as a site where questions related to programming were asked and answered. But now it has developed into a complete forum for the marketers. 

5. Spotify

Spotify is a music website which also has its app. On this site, you can find every music track, play it, download as well as save to your devices. It also has a good question-answer forum which lets marketers reach out to the potential clients. Spotify has a huge user base which makes it one of the biggest alternatives to Quora. 

6. Uber

We all know Uber. It also provides the users with a wonderful community where they can share the questions and get answers. Everyone can join the discussions. The platform is clean, simple and ultrafast. The comments look like paragraphs. Marketers will have a great experience with Uber when it comes to working on a Quora alternative. 

7. AdWay

A lot of users have rated AdWay as a decent option when it comes to a question-answering forum. It has a simple and very elegant design. Users are encouraged to share their questions as well as join the discussions to address issues of new users. Over the years, it has grown as a cool alternative to Quora. 

8. Nikola

We cannot skip out this wonderful forum when it comes to listing the best alternatives to Quora. This platform has its own user-base which is connected together. Marketers can use Nikola for the business and marketing objectives. They will find it pretty easy to reach out to the potential users. 

9. Tasker

Tasker is the last pick in our list of best alternatives to Quora. Tasker is an app-based platform which allows users to share questions as well as answer relevant questions. Marketers will love this forum because of its beautiful design, educated user-base as well as the amazing features. Tasker is a great forum if you need a Quora alternative.