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Do you Know the Muffin Man?

If you follow me on twitter or know me in real life, you’ll probably know how much of a Christmas geek I am. As soon as my birthday is done with at the end of November, I’m fully in the festive spirit (and by that point have probably already eaten my entire advent calendar). This year, I went a little crazy on the Christmas jumper front, but you know, what else are you supposed to wear in December to keep you warm and cozy? So far, my December has been spent watching Frozen continuously every single day and impatiently awaiting Home Alone finally gracing our screens. Not only do I love the comforts that come along with Christmas, but it’s also the only time of the year I get to see my family with me living in London and them in Yorkshire, so I’m super excited to see my baby cousins and my cats (and have a proper Sunday roast for once in my life). Although thoughts of summer sun, beaches and my lovely lovely Ray-Ban Sunglasses still linger, December really is the best month!

So, as you know it’s that time of year when buying everything sparkly is 100% acceptable and nobody (except your bank account) can say a single thing about it because it’s Christmas. I’m probably one of the biggest Christmas enthusiasts that I know so quite clearly my entire procrastination time has been spent window shopping all things festive, so today, whilst I slave away writing my dissertation, I have a Christmas party wish list for you all!

I’m a big fan of shopping in places I would have never usually thought of, so stumbling across some gems in George at ASDA’s party section was a great surprise for the shopping addict inside of me – anyway, less of my babbling! Here are some of my Christmas party finds for the coming party season!

Disinfecting every room in your house

As looking at the pandemic disease that is spreading all over the world, It becomes essential to disinfect and clean your home regularly. Disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces at your home can lead to a communal spread of disease caused by virus or bacteria. If anyone is sick at your home, try to stop spreading the germs all over the house. Use appropriate strategies for making your house germs free. Some items do not work well in the spreading of coronavirus. Try to buy products that can stop the spread of coronavirus at your home. You can stop the spreading of the virus with Follow the below measure to prevent the house from getting infected.

Use best disinfecting cleaners

There is not one single product that can be used to disinfect your home. You can use detergents that are efficient enough to kill germs. Some sprays are effective in over-cleaning your home. In the times of the pandemic, this has become even more crucial.

The best hand soap

Washing your hands properly is the best thing you can do to stop spreading illness at your home. Bathing from germs disinfecting soap can lead to keeping away germs from entering your body. You have to clean yourself first before cleaning your home. Always remember to wash your hands properly after coming from outdoor, or before having your supper.

Disinfect your kitchen

The kitchen is that part of your home, where you cook your meals. A kitchen should be adequately clean to have a healthy meal. Try to do pest control at your home for making it pest clean. Make your kitchen clean regularly. A healthy meal comes from a functional kitchen. Do not store food that is perishable for a long period.

Disinfect your bedroom

Make your bedroom disinfect by cleaning your bed and changing your bedsheets daily or regularly. Try not to bring the food items in your restroom. It will bring the smell of food that you eat. Try to clean your bedroom corners for the best results. Keep spraying on the windows and doors with a cleansing liquid that can restrict viruses and bacteria from entering your home.

How to disinfect the living room

Try to clean your sofas and dining table regularly. Remember to clean your dining table before and after having your meal. This will make your dining looking healthy and ready to have your meal anytime.