What are the benefits of freelance coworking?

Coworking is an actively developing area of ​​freelancer activity. What are its advantages – after all, coworking is very similar to the office, so hated by freelancers?

Despite the fact that many freelancers do not like the corporate atmosphere, they lack live communication with colleagues. Of course, there are instant messengers, skype, communication on thematic forums, but all this can not replace live communication. Sometimes a simple conversation during a lunch break or timely advice from a colleague can replace an entire day of communication on the network. Communication is the greatest value and coworking makes it possible to combine all the advantages of remote work with all the advantages of working in a team. After all, next to you is the same freelancers, often specializing in the same field. And this allows you to quickly get the necessary information.

Working in coworking makes it much easier to make new business contacts. The presence of a meeting room in which a business meeting is held also affects the successful conclusion of a transaction. Meetings that a freelancer makes while working in coworking also often lead to the creation of various partnerships. And sometimes a group of freelancers working together forms their own studio – it is much more difficult to gather like-minded people via the Internet.

Do not neglect the exchange of experience while working in coworking. Since there are specialists near you working on their own projects and possessing knowledge in various areas of freelance – you are given a unique opportunity to expand your horizons. Coworking is a great source of this kind of information.

Freelancer often comes across orders that require him to know several freelance marketplace at once. The high-quality implementation of such a project alone is incredibly difficult. Working in coworking, you can easily attract your colleagues to work. Yes, earnings, in this case, will be slightly less, but otherwise, you would have to refuse to fulfill an interesting order.

It’s hard for many freelancers to work at home – problems with discipline begin, and many distracting factors turn on. Coworking helps to eliminate these problems – there is always a working atmosphere. Next to you are people who share your principles and profess the same ideology of work as you. Working in coworking makes it easy to increase your productivity – that’s why most freelancers are increasingly choosing this type of organization for remote work.

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